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Dark Chocolate Baumkuchen - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

Dark Chocolate Baumkuchen

Our Baumkuchen with bittersweet are made with craftsmanship and passion to the pastry. No product from our manufactory is the same in looks and weight.

This delicacy is traditionally baked by hand and optionally cut into one to four rings. Order your own Baumkuchen now.

from 8,93 €


Whole Milk Baumkuchen - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufakturaumkuchen with Whole Milk - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

Whole Milk Baumkuchen

Wrapped in delicate whole milk couverture, this delicious variation offers a unique, handmade, sweet taste experience.

Available in one to four rings, our products are the perfect gift for friends, family and customers alike ,

from 8,93 €

Sugar Glazed Baumkuchen - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

Sugar Glazed Baumkuchen

Hand-baked original Cottbusian specialty according to the original recipe of Maria Groch, without the use of additives.

Characteristic of this variant is its very heavy mass, which is why it can not be cooked so fast. The taste is therefore better.

from 9,16 €


Cottbuser Baumkuchen without chocolate - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

Baumkuchen without Chocolate

Tree cake without chocolate (nature) is relatively rare. Enjoy our specialty in its purest form, with no chocolate coating.

Try our hand-baked, non-chocolate and no-additive ingredients.

from 7,22 €

Cottbuser Baumkuchen Chocolates - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

Noble Chocolates from Cottbus

Crafted dough, three different flavor compositions and the finest Belgian bittersweet chocolate from Callebaut make this contemporary twist extraordinary piece of pleasure: our Cottbuser Baumkuchen chocolates.

8,10 €

Cottbuser Baumkuchenspitzen with dark chocolate - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

Dark Chocolate Spitzen

Original, hand-baked, Cottbuser Baumkuchenspitzen from our factory with a coating of the finest dark chocolate from the major Belgian chocolate maker Callebaut, without the use of additives.

Order this delicious specialty directly through our online shop.

12,30 €

Production of our Cottbuser Baumkuchen - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

Tradition and modernity in a manufactory

In the historic ambience, but with state-of-the-art machinery, the traditional cakes and pastries produced by Cottbus Baumkuchen Manufaktur produce the well-known delicacies which, in addition to the Cottbus cloth and the Cottbus grain, are among the quality products that have made the reputation of the city far and wide beyond its borders.

Be there live

If you would like to witness the birth of an original Cottbuser Baumkuchen live, visit our manufactory and look over the shoulder of our pastry chefs.

Creation of the rings of the Cottbus Baumkuchen - Cottbus Baumkuchen Manufaktur

From the heart of Cottbus old town

We produce and ship our masterful Baumkuchen products from the heart of the old town of Cottbus all over the world. In recent years, our city Cottbus has become a popular destination. There are many reasons for the increased tourism.

The Cottbus old town has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, culture and recreation. Anyone interested in the more than 850-year history of the city will get their money’s worth here.

View of the Cottbus post coachman at the historic city wall of the city of Cottbus - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur