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Visit Cottbus

Cottbus is always worth a visit

In recent years, our city has become a popular tourist destination. The reasons are versatile. On the one hand, Cottbus is not only a gateway to the Spreewald. Also those who love splendid landscapes and historical sights will feel at home here.

On the other hand, Cottbus’s old town has also a lot to offer in terms of tourism, culture and recreation. If you are interested in the more than 850 years of history of the city, you will be fully satisfied. Beautiful buildings from the Baroque era and impressive witnesses of the Middle Ages, such as the 13th-century Spremberger Turm, offer the scenery to enjoy a leisurely city stroll.

CBM BaumkuchenManufaktur Cottbus Stadtmauer v1 - Cottbus is always worth a visit
CBM BaumkuchenManufaktur Cottbus Puschkinpark v1 - Cottbus is always worth a visit

Tradition and modernity

But also for the physical pleasures is taken care of. For example, Cottbus is famous for its tree cake. In the heart of the historic centre of Cottbus, right next to the traditional Conditorei und Cafe Lauterbach lovers of this delicacy find our Baumkuchen Manufaktur.

If you want to enjoy first-hand traditional crafts in addition to the museums, parks and other tourist highlights, then you will have the opportunity to witness the birth of the Baumkuchen in our Baumkuchen-Manufaktur.

Groups of 12 to 20 people can watch the pastry chef bake the original Cottbuser Baumkuchen and get everything explained exactly. After baking, of course, follows a tasting.

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