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Baumkuchen Specialities from Cottbus

One of the many surprises that the city of Cottbus offered in its more than 850-year history is undoubtedly the production of the Baumkuchen. It belongs historically beside the Cottbuser Tuchen and the Cottbuser grain to the quality products, which coined the call of the city Cottbus far beyond their borders.

Characteristic is its very heavy mass, which is why it can not be baked as fast as the Dresdner or Salzwedeler Baumkuchen. In traditional handwork and without the use of preservatives, we continue the old tradition and send our tree cakes now in the whole world.

CBM BaumkuchenHerstellung v1 - Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur

History of the Cottbus Baumkuchen

The increasing industrialization of the 19th century also provided an economic boost in Cottbus and Lusatia. The development of the railway has made the city an important transportation hub in the region. Many trades were re-established. In addition to the Cottbus cloth factories, the Baumkuchenbäckerei also began.

It was Maria Groch who founded the now long tradition around 1819. In a horribly cold night of the pre-Christmas period of 1819, she baked the first Cottbus cake in her bakery.

Over an open flame, the dough was applied layer by layer on a rotating roller, the individual layers were formed with a wooden comb and, after cooling, coated with a thin layer of icing and a hint of lemon.

“4 pounds of butter, 4 pounds of sugar, pounded and sieved, 3 pounds of cornflour, 50 pieces of eggs, grated peel and juice of 4 lemons, 3 bars of vanilla, 3/4 pound peeled, grated sweet almonds, 1/4 bitter almonds and a bit of salt”

The first Cottbus Baumkuchen, a Sugar Glazed Baumkuchen, had seen the light of day. Her daughter Wilhelmine Kluge perfected the production of the Cottbus Baumkuchen until the end of the 19th century. In the year of her death in 1886, she was awarded the title of “Imperial Court Supplier”.

Modern manufactory in the heart of the city Cottbus

Although the original recipe of the Cottbus cake was refined and contemporary interpretations such as our Baumkuchen chocolates created. However, the Cottbuser like to remain faithful to the established traditions and order their Dark Chocolate Baumkuchen as well as without any chocolate.

And so it is not surprising that our factory is still in the parent company of the traditional Conditorei & Café Lauterbach is settled. On December 2, 1900, the pastry chef Max Lauterbach, who had moved from Dresden to Cottbus, opened his eponymous “Conditorei mit Café”.

From the first day he buys his original Cottbuser Baumkuchen cake according to the original recipe of Maria Groch. The Baumkuchen of Max Lauterbach were of the highest quality and were sold to New York. In 1917 he was awarded the title of “royal court purveyor”.

Reminiscent of this tradition, in 2006 the Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur was founded. Anyone who walks from the Spremberger Straße to Mühlenstraße can look over our patissors’ shoulders through high windows and experience the light of day like a new tree cake. They carry out the production of classic Baumkuchen the “Conditorei & amp; Café Lauterbach “in the Old Town of Cottbus with classic recipes, craftsmanship standards and the highest quality. A visible sign of this are the annually recurring awards of the German Agricultural Society (DLG) for our Baumkuchen.

Guided tour

Be there live at the birth of our tree cakes

If you would like to witness the birth of an original Cottbuser Baumkuchen live, come to our Baumkuchen Manufaktur and watch our pastry chefs baking over their shoulders. Groups of 12 to 20 people can watch our pastry chefs bake the original Cottbuser Baumkuchen and get everything explained exactly.