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Are you interested in the Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur or are you looking for journalistic information? Below you will find a collection of product information, press releases, pictures and videos.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur in two sentences

Our manufactory is from the traditional “Conditorei & Café Lauterbach “and has its production facility on the ground floor of the Lauterbach headquarters in Cottbuser Mühlenstraße 45.

In the historic ambience, but with state-of-the-art machinery, we produce traditional delicacies in traditional handcraft and without the use of preservatives, which besides the Cottbus cloth and the Cottbus grain belong to the quality products that have shaped the reputation of the city Cottbus far beyond its borders ,

Five questions for us

Here are some answers to the five most common questions about our history, our products and about us. Your question was not answered? Just write us or call us.

What sets the Cottbus Baumkuchen apart from other Baumkuchen?

Until the end of the Second World War, the Cottbus tree cake was named in the same breath as the Salzwedler Baumkuchen and was known throughout Germany.

Characteristic of the Cottbus Baumkuchen is the very heavy mass, which is why it can not be cooked as fast as the Dresdner and Salzwedeler Baumkuchen.

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When was the Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur founded?

Max Lauterbach founded his “Lauterbach Conditorei” in 1900, which was expanded in 1907 to include a representative café. The products of his house obtained in the following years a top call beyond the city limits of Cottbus and brought him, inter alia, the title of “Saxon court purveyor” one.

Also the “Conditorei & Cafe Lauterbach “further refined the excellent reputation of the Cottbus Baumkuchen and produced it until 2006 in ever new variants for their customers in Cottbus but also for shipping within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In order to meet the growing demand, but also to strengthen the validity of the concept of Cottbus Baumkuchen Germany-wide, in 2006 the Baumkuchen production was removed from the existing production and taken over and continued by the now existing “Cottbus Baumkuchen Manufaktur”.

Here in the Cottbuser Mühlenstraße 45, right in the heart of the city, the Cottbus Baumkuchen is baked in a modern manufactory directly before the eyes of curious passers-by. Visits of the factory with subsequent tasting are possible and are used in numerous ways. One of the city’s last historically founded, craft traditions is successfully continued and announces the reputation of the city of Cottbus far beyond the city limits.

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What countries do you ship to?

Our Cottbus Baumkuchen today, well packed in noble wooden boxes, travel to all corners of Germany, Europe and Asia and North America.

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How many Baumkuchen (tree cakes) do you produce each year?

As the culinary ambassador of the city of Cottbus, we now produce several tons of Baumkuchen a year, especially in the time before Christmas. Thanks to our consistently high quality as well as our additional production space, we create annual growth rates in the production team.

What is the original recipe of the Cottbus Baumkuchen (tree cake)?

In a horribly cold night of the pre-Christmas period of 1819, Maria Groch baked the first Cottbus Baumkuchen in her bakery.

Over an open flame, the dough was applied layer by layer on a rotating roller, the individual layers were formed with a wooden comb and, after cooling, coated with a thin layer of icing and a hint of lemon.

She used “4 pounds of butter, 4 pounds of sugar, self-pounded and sieved, 3 pounds of cornflour, 50 pieces of eggs, grated peel and juice of 4 lemons, 3 bars of vanilla, 3/4 pound peeled, grated sweet almonds, 1 / 4 bitter almonds and a little salt”.

The Cottbus Baumkuchen had seen the light of day. Her daughter Wilhelmine Kluge perfected the production of the Cottbus Baumkuchen until the end of the 19th century. In the year of her death in 1886, she was awarded the title of “Imperial Court Supplier”.


“Within the framework of the International Quality Inspection for fine pastry products, the Test Center for Food of the DLG (German Agricultural Society) now has the Cottbuser Baumkuchen Manufaktur C.u P. Hajek from Cottbus awarded a gold medal for the quality of one of their products. […] The award documents that the company produces high quality bakery products. The award-winning products represent a high-quality and enjoyable diet. […]”

(DLG, Februar 2015)

“From the Conditorei & Café Lauterbach originated, the Cottbus Baumkuchen Manufaktur manufactures hallmarks of the city. For us among the best, because it is juicy, light and pleasantly sweet. […]”

(SEHNSUCHT Deutschland, 04/2013)

Picture and video material

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Any questions?

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